Blasting & Straightening

Shot/Grit Blasting

MSI's selection of blasters can accommodate virtually any size of material.

Blasting is an economical solution to removal of scale, heat treat coatings, chemical residues, corrosion, burrs, and general finish improvement. Our machinery is versatile enough to handle many different selections of grit/shot size and material. 

Our dust collection systems minimize the environmental impact of this process, making it a viable and economical option to pickling. Our vertical 8 wheel blaster can blast 12' high x 50" wide x 50' long plates. For smaller jobs, our horizontal 4 wheel blaster can blast
material 24" high x 60" wide x 50' long. 

MSI has experience in blasting carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium, pipe, all structural shapes, prefabricated weldments, parts, and more.

Straightening & Leveling

The combination of heat treat furnaces, leveler, and press can provide almost any straightening or leveling solution. Our roller levelers can level and flatten heavy coils or plates up to 2.5" thick and 90" wide. Cutting heavy coil to length is part of our leveling operation. 

Our new 2,000 ton USI Clearing Press with a left to right column opening of 149", front to back column opening of 96", a 60" height opening and a 84" ram travel can flatten bars, slabs, or plates of most any material. Two heat treat furnaces and two 75 ton cranes are conveniently located nearby to assist in the processes.

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