Rough or non-critical tolerance cutting is quick and easy with our flame cutting table. 

Plate shearing provides a cost effective and quick-turnaround option to sawing for certain sized materials. 

Our mammoth shear can cut carbon steel up to 1-1/4" thick and titanium/stainless up to 1/2". The width of the shear is 20', and our roller tables at the in feed and out feed help with easy fixturing and setup.

Testing Services

With the support of some of the most prominent metal manufacturers in the world, we have developed our testing services to provide the processes required for layout, inspection, and certification of product. 

We are staffed with a full time Level II NDT inspector in Dye Penetrant and Ultrasonic
Contact testing. Brinell hardness testing and cycle certification complements
our heat treating services.

Our NDT technicians can spot grind defects to your specifications. End and side cropping requirements of rolled slabs can be determined by our experienced UT testing operators. 

Our metal analyzer and spectrometer services can aid in chemical analysis and
identification of almost any alloy. 

Our machining and inspection group has a wide range of micrometers, calipers, profilometers, and other standard measuring devices at their disposal, all of which are controlled by an ISO compliant calibration system. All other standard metallurgical testing can be supplied locally to meet your testing needs.

Flame Cutting, Plate Shearing & Testing

Flame Cutting & Plate Shearing

For jobs that are impractical to saw, we offer several other cutting operations.

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