Grinding & Heat Treating

Primary and Finish Grinding

MSI has an assortment of grinding machines that can provide solutions to your grinding needs.

Heat Treating

Our car bottom furnaces can meet your heat treating, annealing, normalizing, and tempering needs. 

  •  Maximum cycle temperature of our furnaces is 2150°F. 
  •  A 20,000 gallon quench tank is located directly next to two furnaces minimizing travel time to quench. 
  •  Large blowers can accelerate an air quench when appropriate. 
  •  Workpieces up to 40' long, 10' high, and 8' wide can be accommodated.  
  •  Certifications and cycle charts are available to customers at their request.

All Of Your Metal Processing Needs Under One Roof

  • Midwest (primary) grinding for quick and efficient removal of defects, alpha casing, or gauge reduction.  
  • Coolant assisted belt polishing for achieving finish or minor gauge reduction in slabs and plates.
  • Edge grinding for defect and gauge removal along edges of slabs and bars.
  • We can grind stainless steel, titanium, and many other alloys in almost any shape or size.

Our grinding operations can be used to complement other processes, giving our customers the highest level of service possible.