All Of Your Metal Processing Needs Under One Roof

Lathe Turning

Our wide selection of lathes can provide solutions to your OD/ID needs. Our largest lathe has a 48" swing and 20' between centers. Two lathes have full CNC capability so virtually any
turning project can be automated. 

The high speed and high removal rate of our large engine lathes is complemented by the finite control of our CNC lathes, which can be used to finish product for a quicker turnaround.

Milling & Lathe Turning

Plate, Slab, and Bar Milling

Our wide array of planer mills can mill a variety of materials for defect removal or gauge reduction.

MSI has been instrumental in proving milling to be a viable option to grinding for defect removal in many titanium alloys. 

Turnings from milling operations can be collected, segregated, identified, and returned to the customer for remelting. Milling with coolant does not promote crack development
and expansion in some alloys as does with grinding.

Pieces as large as 10 feet wide x 6 feet thick x 38 feet long weighing up to 50 tons can be milled on our planer mills.